Friday, 24 June 2016

8th November 2009 update continued

Also included is my sharkscope graph for the 1st €1k......

So its going to be back to the grind again, and see what I fancy doing for the following week. Its a bit of an Arse, cos I dont want to drop below the €1k but needs must, so it may be Cash for the start and take it from there.
Here's to the next €1k  :party:

Updates 15th Nov

KS poker
Well after reaching the €1k I knew it would come and smack me in the face, and oh yes it did orright. I was considering what to do, so while considering what to do I jumped onto a cash table 25€ max buy in. So I bought in for the max €25 and the 2nd hand receive the bullets from the kind dealer. 3 limpers and the cut off raised so I re-raised to €8 happy if I got just 1 caller. I ended up with 2 and the flop was J 7 4 rainbow checked to me of course and I then pot bet it so it puts me all in, the limper then calls and the raiser thinks for a while and decides to call as well. Turn blank river pairs the board happy days....... NOT. The raiser turns over 44 and the limper turns over AJ.... BOSH. I lose a full buy in on only the 2nd hand. I then left the table, but continued to run bad all night, missed everything I was involved with. So eventually give it up. I checked the bankroll the day after and it was down to €941..... I tried all week to increase it and played MTT'S but could only manage to get it back to €945.17 which is were I finished for the week. Gutted but thats the 1st drop since I started this, so I can not really complain. The €1 rebuy @ 7pm is a daily MTT I play, and a decent final table in this will propell me back past 4 figures. So rough with the smooth I guess........

Updates 22nd Nov

KS Poker
it was full steam ahead on KS this week.
I was doing ok, I managed to get into the Cape end of Month €100 entry at the 1st attempt, I then played some of the double or nothings STT €3 and was 6 wins with 1 loss which was a beat. Got it upto €960 then went on another slide. I have started playing some higher buy in tournaments but only within my Bankroll, with the highest being a €10 Bounty game. I figured even if I only take 1 out I receive €5 2 and I freerolling. Sadly I got none and lost the €10+1 buy in. Still play the €1 rebuy, and its costing me roughly €5 per game and have not really being doing well in that either. Still loads of time....... Not been feeling myself either to be honest, I am not allowed my painkillers till after the op which is this Wed coming, so been in constant agony, which is effecting the way I play, and then going on tilt a bit till I realise and close the game down. But like I said before, loads of time...... The good part of this weeks updates, with everything thats been played and the badbeats thrown at me I am still on the same total €942 plus I am in the Cape0 final as well with a €100 buy in. I dont know about this week, I might just leave till after I get back from Hospital and able to play again without the pain. So dont be to worried if I have not posted in a week, or seen me, just unable to move..... Speak to you all soon

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