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8th November 2009 update continued

Also included is my sharkscope graph for the 1st €1k......

So its going to be back to the grind again, and see what I fancy doing for the following week. Its a bit of an Arse, cos I dont want to drop below the €1k but needs must, so it may be Cash for the start and take it from there.
Here's to the next €1k  :party:

Updates 15th Nov

KS poker
Well after reaching the €1k I knew it would come and smack me in the face, and oh yes it did orright. I was considering what to do, so while considering what to do I jumped onto a cash table 25€ max buy in. So I bought in for the max €25 and the 2nd hand receive the bullets from the kind dealer. 3 limpers and the cut off raised so I re-raised to €8 happy if I got just 1 caller. I ended up with 2 and the flop was J 7 4 rainbow checked to me of course and I then pot bet it so it puts me all in, the limper then calls and the raiser thinks for a while and decides to call as well. Turn blank river pairs the board happy days....... NOT. The raiser turns over 44 and the limper turns over AJ.... BOSH. I lose a full buy in on only the 2nd hand. I then left the table, but continued to run bad all night, missed everything I was involved with. So eventually give it up. I checked the bankroll the day after and it was down to €941..... I tried all week to increase it and played MTT'S but could only manage to get it back to €945.17 which is were I finished for the week. Gutted but thats the 1st drop since I started this, so I can not really complain. The €1 rebuy @ 7pm is a daily MTT I play, and a decent final table in this will propell me back past 4 figures. So rough with the smooth I guess........

Updates 22nd Nov

KS Poker
it was full steam ahead on KS this week.
I was doing ok, I managed to get into the Cape end of Month €100 entry at the 1st attempt, I then played some of the double or nothings STT €3 and was 6 wins with 1 loss which was a beat. Got it upto €960 then went on another slide. I have started playing some higher buy in tournaments but only within my Bankroll, with the highest being a €10 Bounty game. I figured even if I only take 1 out I receive €5 2 and I freerolling. Sadly I got none and lost the €10+1 buy in. Still play the €1 rebuy, and its costing me roughly €5 per game and have not really being doing well in that either. Still loads of time....... Not been feeling myself either to be honest, I am not allowed my painkillers till after the op which is this Wed coming, so been in constant agony, which is effecting the way I play, and then going on tilt a bit till I realise and close the game down. But like I said before, loads of time...... The good part of this weeks updates, with everything thats been played and the badbeats thrown at me I am still on the same total €942 plus I am in the Cape0 final as well with a €100 buy in. I dont know about this week, I might just leave till after I get back from Hospital and able to play again without the pain. So dont be to worried if I have not posted in a week, or seen me, just unable to move..... Speak to you all soon


KS Poker
I have played a few MTT this week and a bit of cash, I won on the cash but failed in the MTT, so bankroll dipped a bit from last week. I am not going to progress every week in this challenge now I have taken to MTT. So I will get the dip in bankroll till I cash in something. 
Current bankroll is €627, which is down €8 from last week. I can handle that......

Updates 4th October

KS Poker
Because of my little exploit in the EPT, I have not played much this week. But I have however managed to increase my Bankroll by over €118. I managed to bubble again for another €100 and I finished 2nd in the 10c rebuy on Wed, when I was rivered for the win and collected €29. I have played a few MTT's ie the €1 rebuy and the €2 freezeout @ 11pm. But I need to alter my playing because its still played the same as the 10c rebuy after the rebuy period. I was thinking it might of calmed down a bit....... er no 

Updates 11th Oct 2009

KS Poker
Another good week for me, even though I have not had the time because of the hospital and pain afterwards to fully commit myself this week. 
But I managed to increase my Bankroll to €826.84 which is an increase of €81 from last week. Played a bit of cash and cashed in the MTT's I played. Wed was particulally good with Played 3 and cashed in 3. There will be no updates next Sunday due to me being in Vegas.

Updates 1st November

My first update since Vegas......

KS Poker, I have been up and down like a brides nightie in this past month, and not getting anywhere. I have tried the MTT and the rebuys particularly the 7pm €1 rebuy. I did managed a 11th last month for an outlay of €4 and picked up about €27 I think. I lost a couple of buy ins on the cash via set v set twice..... But overall pleased with my tournament play and last night tried my hand at the short handed cash ok only 2/4c but totally destroyed the table, so maybe back there. But I think this month I am going to concentrate on the STT. I took down the only 1 I played which was a €3 for €15. Current bankroll is €825.15 which with my maths means a loss of €1.50 ish from 3 weeks ago, with time spent in Vegas etc etc.

                               Updates 8th Nov

KS Poker,
Well what a fecking week for me on KS. Here I was last week struggling on €824 for ages and then I take down the 11pm €2 for €174 to put me on €998.92 I was determined to get past the €1k but then proved to be a pain in the arse to do. I actually went down to €990 but then slowly dragged it back and then made my 1st €1k......


Updates 20th Sept 2009

KS on the other hand has been a very good week, my bankroll has now swelled up to €635.14 due to the Bubble Buster tourny which I collected €250 from. I have played about 1k in cash hands as well this week and was flying high till I got it in preflop with AA v 88 only for the 2 outer to hit :-(
But I made a bit of cash over the week regardless of that, and have now taken a like to multi-tabling the cash. I am also now bankrolled to play some €5 MTT's so I will give them a bash over the week.


Dear Darren, 
Congratulations! On behalf of all the Kspoker team :) 
You are actually the first on the new Bubble buster list. We will of course keep you informed of the date and time of the schedule. 
Andy also wish to inform you that your package is en-route. 
Best of luck!!

( package is a KS goody bag for my EPT seat win, which they kindly donated to me )

Updates 13th Sept 2009 + Bubble Buster

KS I have had a problem this week with KS, since there upgrade I crashed 3 times and it wouldnt re boot without the computer being turned off. So been resticted somewhat, its all sorted now, and I have a bankroll of €374.89 which is €5 up from last week. I have been on the cash tables because I wanted to make sure the site didnt crash. I will be hammering it this week, trying to make the €400

ll you have to do is bubble a cash tournament with more than 20 players in it, and then you get entry into the Bubble Buster tournament, which as you can see below had 5 players in it and I finished 2nd ( after the guy rivered me, I had him all in ).
All 5 got something out of it, and of course I collected €250.
BUT all I did was bubble the 10c rebuy Tournament, which is a piece of piss to do...... 

I entered the new bubble Buster promo tonight and to prove how easy it is I did it 1st time, and now entry into the Bubble Buster tournament again......

Updates 6th Sept 2009

KS Challenge
Not a brillient week on KS, I have slightly lost again this week but with a win in the tourny I could not unreg from, has made it not look so bad. I have not played any STT this week and concentrated on the 5/10c cash tables. But with no luck at all and failing to catch any cards to call the fish with. I have played a few of the €1 multi tournys but with no luck, and of course the 10c rebuys. I still have another 2 weeks before I play the Bubble Buster and then I can go for the bubble buster again with hopefully 2 more €100 credits.
Current Bankroll stands at €369.76. I also have the Cape0 final tonight with currently 39 players in it. I guess there will be others who are willing to pay the €100 to enter, and of course a cash in this will propel me hopefully into 4 figure numbers. It only cost me €5 to get to the final so not really got anything to lose.
I think next week I will be going back to the STT to see how things go from there.

More updates

I'm thinking I should of done this back to front with my last post first. But I'm thinking of tidying it up after and maybe going through the entire blog and making it readable and make sense. But here's more updates....

29th August. 

The KS challenge is of course my main Challenge with the lure of an extra €3k when I reach the dizzy heights of 3k from nothing. I have changed the way I have now approached this and starting playing some higher buy in tournies, but still play the 10c rebuy, I think there real good fun, and for the price cant fault it. If I do mange to get 1st in this it pays approx €35 which would be a nice addition to the bankroll.
Current Bankroll is €372.61, slightly down from last week, but I have played some €5 tournies and also managed to win a seat into the Monthly €100 Cape0 final were the winner also collects a €3100 bonus. On top of that I have the bubble Buster STT on the 19th Sept were we play for €1k, and with just 5 in it looks a good chance to at least make some cash. I have played some more STT this week and found playing 8 at a time was kind of fun.......

Just a weeeee one. I was looking at this tourny with no one entered, so I thought hmmmm I might get a seat just by reg in it, only 1 min to go, so I did reg for it. Then 3 more signed up so I tried to unreg but couldnt, so I had to play it.
1st hand the other 3 were all in. 
2nd Hand I was playing heads up....... me 1.5k him 4.5k but of course class always tell in the end.

Ahhhh I remember now...

Its all coming back to me now... I remember I couldn't super long posts because I found I couldn't scroll up and down on long posts, so I had to shorten them, just like my last entry. But in it you see 3 weeks of my updates and it's not long after, I start using PT3 to show my graphs.

9th August 2009

I now have €294.50 on KS poker. €145 up from last week, I increased my bankroll to double what it was in a week due to the fact of the latest promotion which is called Bubble buster were you have to bubble any tournament with 20 or more runners and then get entry into a €1k sit n go with 9 others and play it when they have 10 players. However I managed to bubble twice, so got entry into the bubble tournament and they also give me €100 for bubbling the 2nd one. I have bubbled it for the 3rd time as well last night and have sent an email and waiting for there reponse. Pretty easy actually to bubble. I have hit the €1 sit n go's this month and I am in profit.

20th August 2009

I now have €390 on KS poker. €90 up from last week, I increased my bankroll almost €90 for bubbling for the 3rd time in the bubble buster promo. But sadly I have received an email stating they are going to limit the applications to 3 for every buster period.

The latest promotion which is called Bubble buster were you have to bubble any tournament with 20 or more runners and then get entry into a €1k sit n go with 9 others and play it when they have 10 players. 

I have given up on the sit n go's for this month, I have tried to play them, but they are boring me senseless, so its back to the cash and going to play some MTT's .

Finally.... how it all began!

Well, actually after checking my first posts it seems I'm still not at the very beginning. The reason for this was I had to move poker forums when the previous owner decided he was closing it down and a few of us decided to open our own up as

After not being on there for some years now I had a hard time logging back in. But I have managed to and I was going to copy and paste into here which I thought was the very start of the challenge. But sadly my first post is when I'm on €65.

This was my first entry...

19th July 2009

I have €65 on KS poker from about 3 months of playing. Currently playing micro 2/4c cash tables as well as the €20 freeroll 3 times a week which I have taken down 3 times thus far. This is my challenge which takes most of my time at the moment because the €3k bonus is appealing.

The €3k was what KS poker was going to give any player that could turn a zero Bankroll into €3k making it €6k in total once achieved.

These are the rules for the challenge...

1 You can never risk more than 5% of your bankroll in sit-and-gos and cash games. If you’re playing MTTs you can’t buy in for more than 2% of your bankroll, or 0.5% in rebuy tournaments. The only exceptions are for tournaments that cost $ 2.50 or less. In my challenge I also stopped myself from playing satellites unless I could afford the buy-in of the event I was satelliting into. I would change that rule now because Full Tilt gives you the option to take your winnings as ‘T’ dollars, to use in any tournament. If you can’t afford the buy-in, take the ‘T’ dollars and enter a tournament within the guidelines.

2 If you’re playing pot-limit or no-limit cash games you should get out before the blinds reach you if you have more than 10% of your bankroll on the table at any one time. You can move up a level as soon as you have enough money to buy into the game.

3 If you have to drop down a level, or you’ve had a few tough sessions and it’s affecting your motivation, take a break. Come back when you’re rested and able to play in the small games with 100% focus. It’s not easy. I don’t tilt, which is fortunate, but if you feel yourself tilting, you’ve got to take a break. These rules are supposed to motivate you to know to take that important break.

4 If you see an easy game for more money, don’t join in – it’s not an excuse to play in that game. However, if you spot a lower stakes game featuring a much easier field, by all means play it. You can actually make more money overall in a soft $ 2/$ 4 game than in a tough $ 5/$ 10 game.

5 You must never break any of the above rules and you need to focus 100%. If you’re going to break these rules, you won’t make the challenge.

Next entry is from a week later

26th July 2009

I now have €125.86 on KS poker. I had a very good week on KS making €60 helped by making a high hand during there July Promtion, my Quad aces making me €40 having said that I have been trying for the high hand all July and played over 5k cash hands all on the micro stakes.
The plan is to keep on the micro tables till the Promotion finishes at the end of July and then try the Sit n Go's.  
This is my challenge which takes most of my time at the moment because the €3k bonus is appealing.

Another week after,

2nd August 2009

I started this on Titan and have $94 on there but have not played on there for a while.

I have €53.75 on Sunderlands poker ( all from freerolls in 3 weeks ). This in an increase of €4 from the previous week

I now have €149.63 on KS poker. €25 up from last week, helped by a guy going all in everyhand in micro cash and me holding AA twice. I am going to hit the sit n go'ss this month and see were it gets me.
This is my challenge which takes most of my time at the moment because the €3k bonus is appealing.

I don't know why I kept saying that last line!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Been a while

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but you know when things can't get any worse, and believe me I've been to hell a few times recently as readers of this blog will acknowledge, but it seems I've gone past hell and still falling..... I honestly can not believe my luck! But meh fingers crossed. I say that because I have my 7th back op in 4 weeks, and I've had to reduce my medication for the pain in the run up to the op which of course means I've been climbing the walls. So poker is the least of my worries just yet. You see I'm still very much in the early stages and can not just play anything and still need to build up my bankroll which means still playing in the leagues I played on BV and Stars, but I can not commit to a month long league in my present condition and have not been for some months now. I'm lucky if I can play a cash game for 30 minutes, and that's just a couple of times a week. So looking forward to the op and I'm falling into the same mindset I had done previous when I pinned all my hopes on the corrective and the spinal cord surgery only to have both fail miserable. But I can not help it, they've found something on a new MRI and although I have already been told it won't kill all the pain it should kill some of the pain. I know I'm expecting to much but I can't help it. I just want to get the love back of playing poker and trying the unimaginable of two successfully $10k challenges. And try and take my game to the next level. I have now spent all my previous challenge cash and ended up upgrading my car to a newer model and really chuffed I did as well. It means I have something solid to show for all those yrs of grinding.... Poker as been good to me and also bad to me but really up for the challenge after the op. So fingers crossed and all that and at last I can be normal ish again and concentrate on the game I use to love so much...... I'll try and update this blog soon after the op and I should be back playing again very soon.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Well that was fun, let's do it again !!!!

Oh the moment I felt in August last year when I finally realised I had actually managed to complete this challenge was something that I can never forget. I had the hairs on the back of my head stand up because it was that special, so special that I had stuck with it through thick and thin, has you would of read during all those years of updating my progress. But alias that was almost 6 months ago now, but.......... It is now official, I'm now onto my 2nd $10k challenge. I did mention it in my previous 2 updates but nothing major about it in depth. I officially started it on the 1st August 2013, and here was me wanting to complete it within 2 years.... Ha ha yes very funny !! Its already almost 6 months since I started. I have started blogging about it but its on Bet Victor's poker forum. Its like the previous challenge in I started it and wrote about it on PPP forum before I moved it over to here. I also keep saying I will merge both parts into 1 complete version, and I will do the same for this 2nd challenge also. Although you've not really missed anything. I'm not fully committed to it yet with me missing a good 3 months towards the end of last year. It's something I hope I never have to go through again. I keep saying this is the worst I have ever been and blah blah blah, but again it is. Having been told I have been on the wrong medication for 3 years and the effect that had on me together with 3 long term pets dying within a space of 4 weeks again killed me and Jo. Two cats aged 14 and 20 ripped us both apart because both had latched on to us and giving us comfort when we needed it made it even worse when they died. I mean even Christmas day was a wash out with both of us, and that was 2 months after they had died, so you get some idea of the emotion's we endured. I tried to begin a new chapter with the new year and all that, but its proving hard still. I have also gotten use to lying on the sofa bed and playing poker from the laptop. But although its good for a table or 2, its nothing compared to my desktop computer set up, so anything more than 3 tables and the laptop just can not cope and lags badly, but the thought of going back to desktop now makes me shudder at the thought of it. The big difference is lying down on the sofa bed is kind to my back, along with the heated blanket on top of that and you start to understand why I dont want to move back to the recliner..... I keep trying to think of a compromise but nothing yet. Anyways back to my new challenge. So like mentioned with the new year and all that I decided to play the BV league again. The only trouble is, your score is calculated over the month with 4 games a day during the week and couple of games at weekend. So to be in with a shout of top 10 your going to have to grind about 60 games out during a month. Although in theory I have the time, its so draining playing 4 freeroll games a day. You also have to dodge all the bullets that freeroll games brings ie the muppets who open shove all the stack every hand and generally all the bad plays that freeroll games bring. But hey if that is what Bet Victor poker wants to do and sees this way to get more players on there site then thats there choice of course. I see it as a challenge, and with €1500 for 1st place over the month and with the top 200 players over the month being rewarded as well you can see the benefits of wanting to play there. Maybe I can grind it out for a month and really go for it and then think of moving the challenge and the cash to somewhere else is a thought, but at the moment its the place I need to be with the new challenge still in the very early stages. This month however I have played or tried to play more games than I have previously, but still nowhere near the 60 to 65 games you need to play to get the points you need to be able to win the months top prize. They have a pretty cool and thought out points system, and along with the sit out players being removed after the first level your left with currently about 250 players in the 7pm nightly game. The point system begins with everybody starting on 1500 points, and that figure drops or rises depending on were you finish in the game. If your the first out you would receive a minus score and thats then taken off your overall score, and the higher you finish the more points you score. But there is a twist, the higher you are on the overall scoreboard the harder it is to score points. For instance, if a player starts the game in say 200th overall and his mate is in the top 10 say, and they both went out say 51st and 52nd, the player in 200th overall would score more points than the player who was in the top 10. So this way you have to decide if its worth playing a game knowing you have to finish in a high spot just to make sure you added points to your overall score and not lose points. So say for instance you have AK in the first hand of a game and you see 3 players all in even before it gets to you, you've then got to choose is it wise to call knowing you would lose a lot of points overall on the leader board if you lost the hand, so you also need to plan your moves, which is great in a game where all the players had a bit of skill in there game, but remember this is a freeroll, and we all know that in a freeroll everything goes....... But fair play to BV, they also listen to the players via a forum. In the first stages of me joining, I noticed some players were running the clock down on every hand to gain more places up the leaderboard. Which is not bad if one person was doing it, but when you had 5 or 6 players on your table doing it every hand it got a bit much, and there was clearly some advantage being gained, so I said what I thought and within 2 months they had cut the clock time per hand to 10 seconds from 20 and if anybody was still abusing the clock for no reason you could report that player and if found guilty they would suspend that player. So its a well run league, and gives players like me with years of experience a new ride in trying to out think new players to the game of poker, without luck being a part of that game and ending up losing me points. But that goes to every player that plays the league. There are some players that play almost the full month's games, and if I had a gripe about how its run, that would be my only one. Clearly, someone who had the chance to play more games a day / week stand a better chance overall than say somebody who had to work and could only play once a day. They say that the scoring policy takes this into account, but it doesn't, and it never will. But other than that, its a well run league that gives out €10k away every month, which is lot of money to give away every month, so overall it's a good way to start my 2nd challenge, I say while screaming at my laptop how the fcuk can you call my shove with 3 8 suited for your tournament life who then outdrew my AQ and I end up out in 34th in this mornings game....... I have however been starting to play a bit more on BV and just the freeroll league games. They run on the MicroGaming network, and they do have Hyper sit n go's with 500 chips 2 minute blinds. Both HU and short handed, and I have been playing more and more. They also have a couple of Carnage mtt's which are basically the All in's version of the OnGame network. There not massive fields with around 30 or so players in both games. Its a pity they do not have more, but then again for me thats probably a good thing, seeing how well I run in them!! I shall close now with my new challenge total....... It was a high of £123, but some cash and mtt's along with those hyper's I mentioned, and its down to £93 as I speak. I might of gained a couple of spots in the overall league table with this mornings finish, but I'm still about the 40th spot which is only good for I think €20. But there are still 4 or 5 games to go this month, so shall see. But at this time it's currently £93. I must mentioned my long term buddy Losbert as well, who has also taken to his own challenge and joined me on BV and I think hes currently around the £30 mark, but he's at this disadvantage i spoke about early, in the fact he works during the week, an is often not home for the 7pm game, so he has done really well to make it where he is as well. Another update soon I promise....

Sunday, 25 August 2013

I never ever expected to........

But after a total of 4 years and 5 months I can now confirm that I have finally reached my goal. I have actually turned a zero Bankroll into $10 thousand Dollars. The funny thing is I do not know what to say now, its a weird feeling that after all this time and effort, and yes Pain with loss along the way that I have finally done it. Inside I am over joyed. Not in the fact its the end of the road, or that it's been a long old drag but the good feeling that me, just like any other poker player no special skills to boast about, but me I have actually copied what at the time 4 years ago was a great poker player who had a great poker brain and great bankroll management and that Jesus Ferguson did something at the time I thought was totally impossible for the likes of me to even get close to, but ok he might be accountable for is actions with Full Tilt Poker, but he taught me something that I must admit I could never do and that was how to look after your Bankroll, and with some simple rules stopped me from going broke and joining the thousands of poker players that go broke sometime in there poker lives. I did not just learn from it, but it was in printed into my brain and I have tried with the use of the blog as well tried to install into other poker players old and new. If I managed to alter just 1 person's idea of what Bankroll management is all about and they learned how to manage there Bankroll and not go broke then at least I have accomplished something and this 4 years was well worth it. So what's happened since the last update at the start of the month. To be honest not a lot really. I have spent some time visiting family and the other part struggling to find games to play. In fact I had just spoke to my rake back friend and I had explained the traffic on OnGame was seriously low and I was thinking of moving the challenge over to an Ipoker site and it was done and dusted. I was just waiting for the start of next month and was off... But I still had / have some tournament tickets left, and of course I do like the fast poker games. It was that fast poker game that I finished this challenge. I actually managed to turn just $1 to $3k in just 3 steps. It only took 6 days to turn that into $3k as well, it would of been quicker but the final step is ran just once a week. I managed to turn a step 1 ticket worth $1.05 and won that and received a step 2 ticket worth $14.70. In just 20 minutes I had won that with just 9 runners going for a step 3 ticket worth $210. The final step is only ran once a week so I had to wait 6 days, but I registered and just waited. Just over 2 hours ago 27 players played for x2 $3k packages to Malta. Under the rules of the challenge I could not just register for the final step, so I had to go through the steps route but of course by now you would of realised I actually won the tournament worth $3k. That $3k package combined with my current Bankroll which also includes $500 from that $3k for expenses stands at $7439.83. But I also have tournament tickets worth $618 in my account from Sat's I have won to make a grand total $10557.83. So now what happens, well I will post the final pictures up below and I will carry on I think using the same Bankroll rules. But I also have started my 2nd Jesus challenge on another site just 3 weeks ago. It was an offer to good to miss really, and the fact I have been doing family things for a week out of that 3 weeks, so in theory it only been like 2 weeks of playing, but I have already hit over £50. It was £60 yesterday but losing 3 buy in's in 30 minutes was enough for me today. Of course not full buy in's because that breaks the rules, so it was the lowest amount to buy in @ €3. I think I will start another Blog for the new challenge so keep your eyes peeled. I do not know what to call it yet, but don't be surprised to see 2nd Jesus challenge!! A big thank you for following me over the 4 years and 5 months. It has not been easy for me with loads of personal health issues to fight, but I kept to it, kept posting when I could and never lost sight of this Bankroll Challenge. Once again Thank you and see you on the 2nd challenge Blog.......

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I can smell the finish :-0

Well may be not tonight, but its getting close, close as in actually finishing this Jesus challenge. I have been so close this last month, but just could not get that little luck in poker we all need to close it out. I can not actually remember the last update and were I got to in regards all those tournament tickets I had acquired. So I best recap, if memory served me right I had just over $2k in tickets with 2 for the high roller which is played every Tuesday. Actually it looks like I will not be playing anymore either after those two tickets because for some unknown reason they have pulled the free rolls which give them. Anyway, I did play both of them since the last update and it made nice change to play some good poker for once. You can really tell the difference in the level of play with most players buying in direct. What I did not account for was the length of time it took just to reach the cash. The first game I played very well and got the credit for my moves, and so got credit back. So after 5 hours we are hand for hand with the top 12 or so getting paid. Yes I did tighten up because it was a major cash for me especially after winning my ticket via a free roll. But I did cash and I went out in 12th after watching 2 or 3 short stacks double and left me needing to make a move, and it was in the blinds when then SB open shoves and I knew I was or could be ahead of his shoving range with the tight so I make the call, and I show QJ v his 5 6 off. I flop the Queen and its happy days, that is until the turn when the he hits 2 pairs and no help on the river and its curtains, but overall I'm thrilled to finish in the cash, and goes to show I an still play with the best of them on Betsson. I ended cashing for $1019.42. I waited 2 weeks until I played the 2nd ticket. I was not expecting another cash if I'm honest, but I actually went better than the last time. I ended up making the final table. I also never looked at the cash ladders because I was going for the win this time, and I wasted no time in shoving my 9bb into a button raise in the 1st hand of the Final table. I had K10 and again I flopped top pair after making the call. I have no problems with is call because he had A8, but per norm I was rivered by the Ace. No complaints overall, and I think 9th is very respectful. That was worth $1467.96, But I was not the first out on the Final Table, for some bizarre reason a player who I had down as a strong player ended up calling a all in with 7 4 off. He didn't improve v the guys Aces and I jumped $240 in the money tree, but looking back maybe I should of waited. But meh, such as life and those two tournaments boosted the bankroll over the $7k mark.
Moving on from that, I have played the All in Jobbies trying to capture another package and finally put this to bed, but having played about 6 finals since the last update, I still have not won the package. I might add though I have not bought into the final Sat which does cost $210 a throw, I as always play within the bankroll which means I have been playing a lot of the $14-70 Sat's. But I don't play all of them, I look each night, and if I see one with less than 10 runners I normally jump. That way you only have to win 1 hand instead of 2 with more than 10 players entered. I even played it just 2 days ago after winning my final ticket at the first attempt last week. Other than that I have been pretty quiet on the tables, and to be honest a bit of boredom sets in, but its mainly to do with nothing to play that's worth playing. The traffic seems to be really low recently. I have played the $5 rebuy @ 7pm a few times and normally go pretty deep in that, but nothing to write up about, no final tables recently, but again no real volume. Even the sit n go Hyper turbo's have gone quiet, which recently was my main rake back earner. But in the end I still think that I can close this out with just 1 decent run in a higher tournament, and I still have x6 $54 tickets along with a new Saturday ticket worth $100 and a $200 ticket for the Sunday Major. But I have also lost a bit of cash since the last update, which broke down is nothing since the update in May, and just today I have dipped below the $7k cash in my account, but with the tournament tickets I hold in theory I am still over the $7k. I just need to re think what I want to do. Just checking my Poker tracker and it seems I have only played 19 hands on the cash tables since the last update, but surprising I have played 291 Sit N go's since the last update, but bearing in mind that counts everything, the $1-05 all in's to the $100 hyper turbo HU, so a vast difference between stakes, but I was looking for action, and also if I was having a bad session I would normally carry on, and we are talking hyper turbo's so I can go through quite a few in a short space of time. I played 227 stt's in June, 55 in July and just 9 at the moment in August. I know its still not picking up every tournament, because both the high rollers I played have me down with no cashes, but if I need to double check anything I can purchase Shark Scope and look everything up there. I mean why would I have to lie about anything to do with this challenge, I would know deep down that once it is completed I know that I followed the rules till the end, and be proud of that fact as well, but 110 entries in this blog should back up everything I write about as well. I don't know, but some day someone might just want to have a closer look, and again I should update this more often, and now I updating it, I will continue to do so at the end of every month. Just to mention though, I have already set the 2nd Jesus challenge up and I'm currently playing free rolls on Bet Victor to get myself under way, but I will not be taking that so serious at the moment until this is finished, but the nice €1.5k is a nice prize every month, and would go a very long way in my 2nd attempt, only this time I want to make sure I do it within 2 years not like 4 years and counting with this, but for the regular readers of this will know why its taken me so long. If I counted the days I have played I'm sure it would reach under 2 years currently, but overall it does not matter how long it takes, just as long as it done properly. So you have the figures, but the closing figure on my challenge currently stands at........... $6997.28 and that's on the 6th August 2013. More to come towards the need of the month, unless of course I fluke a session and win big.......

Monday, 6 May 2013

F is for frustration

What a month this April has been. I have played the most poker for a long time, with me beating the volume for last month and points collected by at least double, and I thought March was a good month. There have been high and lows, there has been tears of joy, and also tears of sadness with frustration as well. I have played the $1 STT and I have played the hyper $100 HU to. I have played free-rolls and I have played $210 tournaments. I have played HU cash and I have played the $100 NL cash tables. So you can see I have played a wide range, and thus I have collected loads of points, which means loads of rake-back next month. But I really want to make the next level on the VIP ladder and that means I have about 700 to go, but 2 days later sadly I did not make the points. To be honest I think I may of been worn out and could not find the motivation to carry me for the last couple of days, but hey not to worry, it just gives me something to aim for in May. Carrying on from last month, and I played loads of heads up on the $28 STT, but did not quite run as good as the previous month. Maybe peeps did a bit of homework on my plays via there trackers, but even the fish I played found triple barreling in there arsenal this month, which of course makes it harder to fathom out. Overall I was still a winning player at those levels, but nothing like the last month. I also found it a tad hard trying to find games later on in the night, so found myself playing 14's but also the 54's though not many, but also had a session in the 100's. Under the rules of the challenge, I could not use more than 2% of my bankroll, which for the 100's was $5000. I did come close to hitting that figure but overall I stayed 3 buy ins above it. But the reason for the higher buy in was to play a guy I use to crush on the 28's, he was after 1st place in the monthly point race for the $10k first place cash, hence why he was playing that high. But overall I ended the session 2 games up over roughly 17 games, but of course when your rake is $5.00 per game it worked out at just over the one buy in up, but great for rake-back I didn't feel to confident towards the end of the month playing the HU, so I fell back a bit. Like I said the players must of done there homework on me, but meh. I mention F is for frustration, and if I tell you that I was just 1 card away from completing my Jesus challenge, you sort of get an idea why I am a bit gutted.... One card ffs. It's fair knowledge I like to play the all in coin flip sats, and in order for me to play the $200+ buy in tournaments I have to win some of these, or play the normal speed sats which after you've played hyper, just don't cut it anymore. Anyways, after failing for something like 30 odd $14-70 all in sats just to get a $210 ticket to be able to play the final flip tournament was proving to be so frustrating and expensive as well of course, but like all good things, when you hit one, you hit another straight after, so I ended up with 2 final tickets, and the prize was a $3k package to Malta in September this year. Sunday arrived, and not like the week before when I missed it..... Waited until the last seconds to reg. I don't know if it makes any difference or not, but I have won twice by being the last to reg. Cards are dealt and I have AJ suited, pretty good starting hand, and I avoid the river outs and with just 30 entrants on 10 seater tables that means 3 players reach the final table with 2 packages worth 3k. So I was confused when there were just 2 of us there and the cards where dealt again, with my J4 off v 10 3 off. Now with me saying I was 1 card away from finishing this, you can guess I was ahead until the river came, and of course the 10 hit and I was out, but then the other player turned up and he did not even have to play the last hand because I was out now. I could not understand it, I should not of played the hand until 3 of us where sat down, and I feel I was cheated somehat. Everything was equal, the runners on the same tables, the amount of time to deal the cards. Even if it was a chopped pot, they would still be moved to the next table, but with just there chopped pots, but that didn't even happen, with the guy sitting down with the full 10 chips. So one card from winning fair and square..... I have wrote to support who then forwarded the complaint from me to OnGame and I still wait there response. I very much doubt there going to give me the prize, because I was still only 66% to win even with 3 of us playing the final hand. But I wait and see, and knowing my luck nothing will come off it. I do have another chance with another ticket this Sunday but of course it's all luck with these, but this last thing I keep doing is proving a good thing, I have now bubbled twice and won twice, and I bet I have only played 7 of these final flip tournaments. I did however decide to upgrade my tracker to the latest poker tracker 4, but it seems like that was a mistake as well. It should of been a simple transfer over from poker tracker 3, but for some reason, most of my hands and results are nowhere to be seen. I have tried everything, and support want to do a remote session, so they can see what's going on. I will but I have a lot going on at the moment, so there going to have to wait. But I have noticed, it doesn't even collect all the data from the tournaments I have just played. The above coin flip for the package shows just one hand and thats the first hand, nothing about the second hand at all. I guess because its new there are going to be bugs that need fixing, but its defo wrecking my database for sure. The one good thing about all this play in April is the free-rolls that you are eligible for. If you hit 200 points from Sunday to Sunday you get into a $1k free-roll with about 120 runners in, and if you manage 500 points in a week, you get into the VIP free-roll which is top 3 win a $525 tournament ticket. I can not recall if I wrote in the last blog, but I managed to both in one week, and that's not to play both by the way, but managed to finish 3rd in the cash free-roll for $130 and then finished in the top 3 for the $525 ticket. Not bad for nothing. The VIP normally gets on average 30 runners or so, but of course it takes some doing to get to the 500 points in a week, so there not numpties, so it felt extra good that I could play and beat these players. But, only last week I managed to win my 2nd VIP $525 ticket, and so I now have 2. There is only one tournament a week that has that price ticket, and that is the Tuesday high roller. Unless there is some series going on and then they add extra $525 tournaments, but they have none running at the moment. Also they don't have a long shelf live, with just 4 weeks from the time you win to actually playing. With the lesser value tickets, you normally get 90 days from the time you win the ticket. I also managed to win a $165 Grand Prix ticket. I was watching the lobby and there was a freeze out $22 hyper sat into the said tournament, and with just 1 minute left to reg, there was just 1 player sat in. I waited and waited, and you normally get 2 or 3 jumping in the last seconds, but nothing. Just as long as more than 1 enter, the sat will still play, so of course with the last second on me and still just 1 player I registered and was chuffed when it was just me and him. Within the first 2 hands I knew he wasn't all that just by him limping HU. And within 2 minutes it was all over and thank you very much. To top it off, I played a hyper $5 rebuy Sat to win a $320 live event tournament ticket. I like OnGame because they do not offer late reg, so once it starts you know exactly how many you need to beat, and on this time it was about 15 or so. I re bought twice and took the add on and with just the 1 winner being paid it was all out attack when it was needed. All my hands held up, and went to HU even in chips. He folded to many of my button raises, so when I took a gamble and lost it, all it did was put us even again. Only the second time I actually hit my ace on the turn to cripple his hand of 66 I think it was and that was that, happy days. I have in tournament tickets alone $1750 worth, and with $5550 in cash it's way over the 7.3k, but could be over that if I knew the exact figures. So it's just 2.7k left to go, which is why F is for frustration....... This first week of May has been slow for me. I have hardly played and its now the 5th. I have not been to well, and have really struggled to sleep recently since the change of one of my meds. On top of that I have been getting prepared for my back op which is in a weeks time, and no doubt that will cause me more set back in volume, but to be honest, with the volume I played in April I guess it's not that bad an idea. Below is a screenshot of my account page, and you can see the tickets I have, combined with the cash and you can see I just need to convert those tickets into some sort of cash via the tournaments, and fingers crossed, my Jesus $10k challenge will be done and dusted. Please please please let it happen !!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April here we come

Trying to find time to play the challenge is my main concern recently, but thats always the problem. Its normally the health that stops me. But since mum died I have had a lot of stuff going on regards family and making sure everyone is ok. I'm now the power of Attorney over Gran and her money, which I didn't realise is actually a pain in the arse to maintain, with having to write everything down that has got to do with her cash. On top of that I have to look after my special needs brother, who is getting better at doing things for himself, but then there's a basic laspe like buying ice lollies from the shop and leaving them on the table instead of putting them into the freezer, and thus having no lollies. School boy errors, but he should know this sort of thing, so I have to make sure I have my wits about and do everything else that needs to be done regards running a house on top of all that, which involves travelling quite regular up north. At the moment its about every 10 days or so and staying up to a week at a time. I have managed to have BroadBand installed and on the last trip set up another desktop with my Laptop there as well. But had to wait 6 weeks after the hub arrived before it was all working correctly, but its all done now. Sadly I only have the 1 screen at the moment, and not really had a chance to play poker up there yet to any degree. But next trip I should be good to go. I have however managed to play probably the most poker on the challenge to date during last month. I know I said I havent played much, but when your playing hyper Heads up Sit n go's its surprising how much rake and points you rack up. On top of that I found I was crushing the game at the $28 level, and during March I had played a total of 87 games HU Hypers with a min of $28 buy in. I won 55 and lost 32 so the maths work out a 19.91% ROI with a net win of $493.10. There are some $56 games in there as well, and just checking I played 3 and won 3. I know if I carry on like this I will run out of people to play. I am already finding it harder to find players. I'm hoping its just cos of the Easter holidays. But I have also been trying in vain to win myself a package to Marbella to play the GSOP and thats cost me big time, and still no seat, not even to the online final on a Sunday. I must of played roughly 30 $14.70 sats during March and lost everyone. That sort of streak defo eats into any profit I might of made. I have also been testing thr water in the 6 max cash games up to $1 tables, and if I play with no fear I can way handle myself there to. But its the 5/6 man hyper sit n go's I like as well. I read a peice in the pokerplayer Magazine about some guy on stars whos going for x8 Super Nova Elite in a year, and he plays just hyper 6 man STT's from $100 min upto $1000. I watched him for a while and if hes happy making just 2% pre rakeback then there is hope for me yet. I play a very sim way and range, and its not about the cards, more like position and pressure. You have to remember, at worst v any 2 cards your still a 35% chance of winning the hand, and thats if of course you get a call. Its easy shoving your stack in with 2 3 off, but its a complete different thing calling with 2 3 off and thats how he makes it work for him. But this guy is playing like 15 at a time, where on OnGame your lucky to get 1 game per 10 minutes. But like mentioned, I played or that should read I raked the most I have in any month of this challenge in March, and to come out of it up is a bonus. I actually managed to win a couple of Sats as well and so now have tournament tickets for $108 and $200. I will be looking to play those in the forth coming month and instead of sitting on them I can close this out with a final table in either, now that would be good..... I have just remembered though, I have played a little on Microgamming via Betsson and thats a € site. I recall dropping €100 on the first hand with the dreaded KK v AA and I ended up almost €160 in the hole before I called it quits, so that wasnt fun at all. Overall I don't know exactly how much the roll is, but I know its dropped below the $4000 mark which I think I mentioned last update. But with everything combined I'm probably looking at $3500 ish could be a little more but not much more I dont think. Anyways thats the update for this month, and hopefully I'll update again next month. Thanks for reading per norm. Plaza

Monday, 4 March 2013

Poker is so frustrating

I try so hard to give this my all and actually want to succeed and finally finish this challenge, but whenever I try there is something, or someone who's going to screw it up for me.... To be honest I haven't been running that well since the last update, and I have now used up all my tickets which I carried over from last year. The biggest killer was the $320 ticket I had and failed to convert into anything, so that was a sizeable chunk gone in an instant. But I did email support and try and get the expiry date moved. I can't recall if I mentioned this in the last update, but it wasn't granted, and I had a rant so it was no surprise I crashed and failed with that ticket. But I was also starting to run bad in the hyper turbo sit n go's I enjoyed playing. I know there huge variance types of games but I felt I wasn't getting the run of the green so to speak and rather chase my losses I decided to take a break from those. The traffic for the other games is so pants on OnGame it's not worth it, so I have played little since the the tournament above. But this weekend just gone I had to play the last of my tickets, and while the GSOP Series is running it was a good chance if I ran well I could close this challenge out. So I played the GrandPrix on Saturday with 40k GTD with my ticket, and after, granted wanting to make the money after playing for 5 hrs and a desperate confidence boost I folded my way to the cash. But only because everyone else was doing the same thing, and with top 46 players getting paid and me sitting with 12 bb and still in the top 30 overall sorted made me play that way. So combined with all that I was happy to fold to the cash. But once I cashed I didn't go stupid and want to double up straight away and tried to pick my spots, but of course all the other short stacks were just lumping it in. I wasn't bothered about laddering and eventually blind on blind with me holding Ace six off in the BB was an instant jam/call and I guess him holding Jack Ten was most likely going to call my shove after his raise anyways. That's what happened and he turned the Ten and that was me out in 34th for $278 I think it was. Gutted my hand didn't hold up, but overall pleased I manage to cash and of course I still had another ticket for the following day into the 200k. So after failing to land a final GSOP Marbella all in ticket I decided I was going to play the 200k and also the mini version but was 90% cheaper with the same structure. I played good steady poker and I defo think my post flop poker has improved loads over the recent 12 months or so after reading and watching videos, but it only takes a brief bit of madness and its all over...... Playing for 4 1/2 hrs and doing pretty good in both tournaments and still about 150 from both cashes I then play my Ace King in the smaller game. Granted it was 2nd raise in 2 hands and wasn't surprised to get 3 bet in late position, I make my 4 bet and leave half my stack behind which is enough to tell him it's going in if he wants to play ball. He does jam and I make the call, but WTF he turns over 9 6 off. Yes of course he hits the turn and I'm out . I resist the urge to call him a fucking moron, but inside I'm so pissed off and I instantly raise on the 200k table with Jack Ten suited, I get 3 bet by the guy next me and I'm still fuming so 4 bet and he shoves and I call. He turns over queens and that's me out. Looking back of course I'm gutted. I could of made such a deep run in the 200k and was sitting in about 150th about 100 from the money with top 220 being paid. But I also wanted to make an effort this time round to actually not bother about just cashing and go for it if I had the cards or the position to add chips to my stack. In hindsight it was a simple fold preflop, but I can't undo something that's already been done. I guess I'm just human after all. I have just remembered another key hand as well which stands out and when your running bad, your running bad. I have QQ and I get 2 callers and the flop comes Q 6 7 rainbow and I make the cont bet and get shoved on, happy days. I obv make the call and very happy to see him with 6 7 suited. I have him totally crushed, but the turn brings another heart to give him a flush draw, and yup the river brings another heart to take the pot. I get back down to 8bb and totally gutted. But I do make the comeback and manage to treble up 20 mins or so later to put me back in the game. But it's so annoying for you to watch the sickout kid then go on a huge tear and collect chips for almost every player. Talk about thin edges and all that.... But overall I'm happy today, mainly down to reading an article about Jake Cody who was asked why he never seems to go on tilt, and just says, if I played well that's all I can do. He has got a point, but its hard sometimes to think about what might of been, and the old saying is just a classic.... Lives are changed forever on the turn of a card, how so true...... Overall the challenge bankroll is still well below the 5k I had at the start of the year, and of course playing these three big ticket tournaments with little reward was always going to hit hard, but its still pretty good at about $4300. I say about because its split between OnGame and MIcrogamming but with the same poker site and the latter being in €. I don't know which direction to take next. I have a lot of promotions going on at the minute with other sites so time and traffic issues are the key at the moment, but I will update when I can, until next time thanks for reading...

Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy New Year

Wow, is it really that long since the last post. Well I am sorry for that, but it is with deep regret that the end of last year I just wish never happened. I'll explain in minute, but first the Jesus Challange is still on. I don't know if I mentioned it in the last entry but I have had to move it yet again due to lack of traffic. I moved over to Betsson in September I think it was, and was doing ok, and by the end of the new I had hit the $5k mark. But within that 5k there were tickets for tournaments which I had won and 1 was for a $320 tourney with a couple for $200 and $160 which all added up and took me over the $5k. I played a lot of Sit n go's cos the cash was a little slow in filling up, although the 6 man tables where pretty full all the time, but I'm not much of a short game player, so full ring it was, so it was rare I played cash. So like I said I was doing ok and managed to reach 5k with the tickets included in that figure. But then Jan started and I was forced to play some of the tickets because they would not move the expiry dates for me, because I was not feeling up to it, well to be honest when your mum dies, yes sad to say she passed away in Nov last year, and I have lost the plot with poker. Its simply not the first thing I think about these days, and can not motivate myself to play. I still have a load of stuff to sort out cos of mum's death, which means I have to travel up north to my home town quite often and spend time up there and try and sort my brother out who has special needs who lived with mum. On top of that I still have the effects of the medication and the problem the back causes me. On top of all that, yes there is more. But when I returned back from Vegas in Oct I caught a virus from Jo. Nothing really, her mate had it for 3 days and felt ok after that. Well 9 weeks later, yes 9 weeks later I just managed to get over it. So that was on top of Mum dying, op top of my back killing, on top of my medication and the nice side effects, and also my gran who was my mum's mum still in the care home and now me being her next of Kin. But it gets better still. After the goverment changed the welfare law in April 2012, my ESA ( Employment Support Allowance ) was stopped because I was put into the work releated group, and I didnt know at the time, but I thought it meant because I had suffered at work and was on the sick. But no, it was because they thought I was able to work and so put me in that group. Of course I didnt know this till they stopped my money and I asked why. So for 10 months now I have been asking to be moved into the support group, which lets you carry on receiving your ESA. But I have never had anything back from them in 10 months. At first it was because I had to wait until it was my turn, and that turned out to be December, yes December..... I have 3 times sent in supporting documents from the hosptial, GP and counsellor along with page after page of noted from me, but yet still nothing from them. So I think Its off to the CAB to get help. I even wrote to Cameroon, and was sent a reply by his aid with a sheet of paper telling me to do the stuff I had already done. But due to all thats gone on I never sent another letter, which I should do when I have the capicity to do it. I'm so depressed its unreal, but under the circumstances, its amazing I'm still alive. So sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm sure you understand why now, and although I play a little poker, its nothing I would like to play and after about 30 minutes I come off, sometimes during tournaments and just sit out and close down. I have just sent a link to my phone which lets me update the blog from there now, so the updates should be more frequent although the poker might not be much. Shit happens I know, but come on I must of been a bad one in my previous life is all I can say........ Speak soon peeps and thanks for reading. Plaza

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Doesnt time fly !!!!!!!

Well its the 1st August today, and although since the last update has been sometime ago to me it doesnt feel that long. But since the last update, obv the poker has been fits and starts. With no real grinding done. But recently I have tried to play when I can and over the last month or so I am starting to want to get back to it and used today as a benchmark for that. So since the last update, I have been in hospital for 2 weeks with a view to having a spinal cord modulator implant fitted. Its still early days for that and have to go through a trail in about 2 months time and if the pain reduces by 50% or more during the trail I can then have full implant about Jan next year. Its not a cure, but if full implant is fitted it means I can drop the pain medication to hopefully give me back some sort of life instead of all the nasty side effects I still suffer from on a daily basis. Thats basically it healthwise, so fingers crossed on the implant..... Back to poker, I find it very hard to sit and play and for more than 90 mins at a time. This obv restricts what I can play, but over the last week I have managed to play a bit on the challenge. But I have also on a couple of occasions played the all in sat's on a Sun to try and increase the b/roll to over the 4k but bad results in that have cost me. Currently the b/roll is €3652.92. I would love dearly to smash that 4k this month, and thats my motivation fingers crossed in hitting that target. I mentioned playing, but I didnt mention the levels, and I have played even has high as €1/€2 with a sit down of €180 to keep within the rules. Ok it was only about 30 hands before the table broke but my style has got a lot more aggressive over the last few months and think nothing of tripple barrelling bluff's at whatever levels I play. I'm just firing up Poker tracker to give you figures since the last update. There not huge figures due to the above statements. Ok since April I managed a total of 1791 hands in April with a profit of €100.27. May was just 239 hands with a loss of 37c. No play at all in June. July was my mini comeback, but still just 2457 with a profit of €11.36. I played just 9 days in July though with 5 winning days to 4 loss. Your only talking about a buy in up or down on the €10 tables. But I can only play the tables that have seats open, so cant make higher buy in levels if there not there, but like I said I will play anything up to 1/2. The badbeat jackpot I told you about with now a mini jackpot was always being won and never say it get any higher than €4k for the mini, but they defo must of done something to RNG because its now a whopping €39.6k. If I hit that of course that the challenge over, which could be a nice incentive to plod on this month. Only time will tell if I can manage to keep going, and I hope I can grind away a bit more than recent months. I do have to go away up north to see family from tomorrow which sucks, but 1 day at a time 1 day at a time...... Thanks for reading.